Bruno Cingolani

The Langhe cuisine and beyond

THE CHEF: sympathetic, friendly, self-confident, experienced, creative and devoted to customer. This is how we can describe Bruno Cingolani, a chef who, for over forty years, is able to thrill people with his dishes, which are created from excellent raw materials. Advice, cooking classes, management of various restaurants: nothing is missing from the chef's personal experience.
WORK PHILOSOPHY: simple but complex way of working. Bruno Cingolani is always looking for the selected ingredient to offer the customer the original flavour of the raw material. But what does you selected mean? It means genuine, healthy, coming "from the earth", in a simple and natural way. The chef defines all this as the "Philosophy of authentic cuisine".
CUSTOMER: the real judge, but not implacable. The customer is a fellow traveller in search of mutual culinary satisfaction. The chef tries to understand the needs, the customer appreciates the chef's creativity: this is the real table dialogue.

Bruno Cingolani Bruno Cingolani